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Free ecards for your family, friends and your love
FREE Greeting cards-Address book, font selection, multiple recipients, text and background colors, music, poetry, add special effects! Flash, beautiful java effects, greetings, icq cards, animated and more!

Free Animated E-cards
Show someone you care, send someone a kiss, hug or smile to brighten their day.Say thank you, miss you or I love you with fun animations and sentimental expressions or beautiful poetry.Awesome animations that can't be found anywhere else!

Beautiful E-cards for any Occasion ~ Music & JAVA
Brighten someone's day by sending them a Free E-card from our selection of beautiful images good for any occasion: Love,Friendship,Birthday,Get Well,Miss U and more...

Yellow Jug
Send free animated and interactive e-cards. Customized message appears inside the card.

Only Beautiful Greeting Cards
Unique Greeting cards with new style & classic music that you can never find anywhere else. Lovely poems, flying kissses, special teddy bear hugs, beautiful landscapes & romantic java cards with 3D animation effects. You just won't believe your eyes.

Free Greeting Cards
Special Flash effect with :) Dancing BUSH eCards!!! Java effect with Colourful Roses ... Over 500 animated unique GREETING CARDS. Huge selection on Love & Romantic greetings!!! Absolutely Free!!! :)

Beautiful Flash & Java - Greetings in Motion!
Make an impact every time with STUNNING flowing e-cards featuring AWESOME SPECIAL EFFECTS & FLASH. Make your loves heart flutter with a SIZZLING kiss or Love Letter. Tickle your friends with a big hug or animated fun page! There's something for everyone!

Spirit Is Up 1500+ Flash, Java & WebTV Greetings
SpiritIsUp.com - All FREE uplifting greetings with superb graphics and high quality animation. Original Poems, Quotes & Verses to express your feelings to friends, family & loved ones. Come find the perfect card for that special someone now.

Free 3D Animated E-cards!
Dobhran's Gr-r-reetings! has over 1500 of the best SPECIAL EFFECT greetings, including FLASH ANIMATED GREETINGS you just won't believe! ALL FREE, including FRIENDSHIP, BIRTHDAYS, ROMANCE, HUMOR & MORE!

Beautiful Free Greeting Cards
FREE Greeting Cards: Sweet Love, Birthday, Friendship, Family, Funny, Naughty, Fantasy etc. Java applets, Flash cards, High Quality, Musical, Animated, Unique and Unforgetable.

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