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Send free animated and interactive e-cards. Customized message appears inside the card.

Only Beautiful Greeting Cards
Unique Greeting cards with new style & classic music that you can never find anywhere else. Lovely poems, flying kissses, special teddy bear hugs, beautiful landscapes & romantic java cards with 3D animation effects. You just won't believe your eyes.

Beautiful Online Greeting Cards
Send beautiful greetings straight from the heart. Every card is made with great care to the very last detail. We often make use of beautiful java applet animations to enhance the experience of you and your recipients. Click the above banner.

Free Greeting Cards
Special Flash effect with :) Dancing BUSH eCards!!! Java effect with Colourful Roses ... Over 500 animated unique GREETING CARDS. Huge selection on Love & Romantic greetings!!! Absolutely Free!!! :)

Beautiful Flash & Java - Greetings in Motion!
Make an impact every time with STUNNING flowing e-cards featuring AWESOME SPECIAL EFFECTS & FLASH. Make your loves heart flutter with a SIZZLING kiss or Love Letter. Tickle your friends with a big hug or animated fun page! There's something for everyone!

Beautiful Animated ~ Sweaat Sensual Greetings!
Touch the Heart of a FRIEND, Send a SENSUAL kiss or LOVE NOTE, ENCOURAGE someone in need. Share a Giggle, Celebrate any HOLIDAY, Birthday, or Special Occasion. Do it for FREE with INCREDIBLE MUSIC & Animation!

Spirit Is Up 1500+ Flash, Java & WebTV Greetings
SpiritIsUp.com - All FREE uplifting greetings with superb graphics and high quality animation. Original Poems, Quotes & Verses to express your feelings to friends, family & loved ones. Come find the perfect card for that special someone now.

Free 3D Animated E-cards!
Dobhran's Gr-r-reetings! has over 1500 of the best SPECIAL EFFECT greetings, including FLASH ANIMATED GREETINGS you just won't believe! ALL FREE, including FRIENDSHIP, BIRTHDAYS, ROMANCE, HUMOR & MORE!

Beautiful Free Greeting Cards
FREE Greeting Cards: Sweet Love, Birthday, Friendship, Family, Funny, Naughty, Fantasy etc. Java applets, Flash cards, High Quality, Musical, Animated, Unique and Unforgetable.

Wackynutz Free Greetings & E-Cards
Free Greetings! Choose from a large selection--Love, Friendship, Miss You, Holidays and More. Also check out our Hot Jokes and Funny Pictures All For FREE!

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