Faq & Help

1. What does Toplistcity do?
We are a toplist that ranks sites according to their popularity, the more "votes" a site gets, the higher it will be ranked.

2. What is a "vote"?
If a website signs up they will get a piece of HTML code which will result in a link on their site, if a visitor to that site clicks on this link, that site will get a "vote".

3. How do I vote for a site?
Just go to that site and look for our link, then click it, you are only allowed to vote once per day per site.

4. When does the list get reset?
The list resets every week and reranks every 20 minutes, check the "statistics" menu on the bottom in each category.

5. How much does it cost to add my site?
Nothing! It's free, click here to add your site.

6. I have joined and linked to toplistcity but I can't find my site, what am I doing wrong?
Wait till the next list update (check this in the statistics menu on the bottom), then login to your account to see your category rank, if your rank is 100 or less, you will show up in the list.

7. I have a question that didn't get answered, what can I do?
Click here to send us a message.